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Do yourself a favor and run, don't walk, away from sam Galloway. I have dealt with them about ten times.

Whether it has been looking at a new car or getting my truck fixed, the experience has been awful. My first experience was january of 2010. My wife and went to look to look at a Lincoln mkx, it took SIX tries before they found one with enough gas to make it off the lot. When the salesperson did we only had enough gas to drive around the block.

The salesperson knew nothing about the car and had the personality of a wet rag. I'm in sales, so l know want a decent salesperson is. My real problems started when I bought a used ford truck. I had heard rumors that sam galloways service was bad, I had no idea.

The truck had a service engine soon light come on when towing, I have been back about 7 times to get the same f-ing code fixed.

My truck came back missing parts, which they deny were every there. I have spoken with the *** bag victor hyer, who is even loathed by his coworkers, four times. He would always say, I'll call you right back. He never called me once.

Too make a long story short; It has been frustrating and exhausting dealing with Sam Galloway. They rip you off and provide incredibly poor customer service. I guess it doesn't bother the owner, Sam Galloway Jr. I was at my yacht club and the dock hand pointed out his new boat.

A 80 foot Viking with triple diesels, the only one of it's kind.

Holds 3300 gallons of diesel or $13,000 for a full tank. I wonder how much of that is mine.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Galloway "service" can't even get an oil change right. They drained the old oil on my truck and did not put the new in.

Had to have it towed off I-75 to the Ford dealer in Bradenton. The mechanic there pulled a Valvoline oil filter off of it which was still there from the previous oil change. You can't find a local news outfit to challenge them due to advertising dollars and local attorneys won't challenge them either (even when you have the physical evidence).

It was $8000 dollars out of pocket for a new engine, rental, etc. BEWARE!

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